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Galvanic NU Skin


With the stress of modern life, treatments have become more than just occasional pampering. They are essential for looking and feeling great. For over 50 years, professionals have used galvanic current in customised treatments to refresh and energise the skin. Through a gentle massaging action, this current helps focus cellular energy and enhance circulation.

This treatment uses ageLOC gels which contain a powerful antidote that have been scientifically proven to help to slow down the ageing process.  

This treatment can really boost the skin's overall appearance and condition.  It lifts sagging skin (giving the appearance of a face lift!), tones facial muscles, smoothes out fine lines/wrinkles and creates a healthy glowing complexion. Visible results can be seen in just one session!
It's great as a one off treatment for when you want to look your absolute best, or have a course to maintain long lasting effects.
There are four stages to this facial - 
Stage One - skin is cleansed and toned
Stage Two - Pre treatment cycle - The galvanic treatment and the pre-treatment gel are negatively charged. These negative charges repel each other, pushing the pre-treatment gel into the skin.  The pre-treatment gel binds to any impurities deep in the skin (cleanses, removes toxins/impurities from the skin)
Stage Three - Treatment cycle - The galvanic treatment and the treatment gel are positively charged. These positive charges repel each other, pushing the key ingredients into the skin, improving hydration, circulation and radiance immediately.
Stage Four - The face line corrector -  Effectively enhances the delivery of pro-collagen peptides that send age reversing signals to collagen producing cells softening and smoothing any areas of concern (crows feet, frown lines etc)
45 minutes of Galvanic treatment: £45