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Japanese Facial



The Japanese concept of beauty is that it is more than skin deep and health and beauty are not seen as separate.


When a person radiates true health they appear beautiful and the face is an indicator of this state.


Traditionally, the purpose of Japanese facial massage is to work specifically and precisely with the facial meridians (energy pathways) and acupuncture points to achieve a balance in the entire facial skin, the facial muscles, and the internal organs. It also helps to balance the emotions. Because this facial works on many levels, it helps to relax and re-balance the health of the whole person.


There are four stages to this treatment:


Stage One - Reduces tension in the neck muscles

Stage Two - Targets the deep and superfacial facial muscles which in turn, improves circulation. This refreshes tired skin and relaxes muscles. Imagine if every muscle in your face is relaxed, how your body will feel!


Stage Three - By working acupressure points along meridians (energy pathways) helps improve the general appearance of the face, reduces wrinkles and improves muscle tone. A natural facelift!

Stage Four - Lymphatic drainage helps drain toxins from the tissues and reduces puffiness. Fantastic for the eye area!


60 minutes of Japanese Facial treatment : £50.00




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